Localized School Management Software

One stop solution for all the management needs of the school. With all the data securely stored in the cloud, on-demand access had never been so seamless and effective

WHAT IS eSchoolme?

Schools, the area where hundreds of tasks are running a day, can be challenging when it comes to administration. The right application of the right technology at the right time can ease up the process by eliminating the headaches associated with school management.

eSchoolme is an integrated software application, developed by the brilliant brains can offer you 100% efficiency in running an academic institution. If you are ready to let your institution go online, you should try the package which goes hand-in-hand with the latest technologies.

eSchoolme is a one stop solution for all the management needs of the school. With all the data securely stored in the cloud, on-demand access had never been so seamless and effective. eSchoolme will ensure higher productivity for teachers, student and the management and guarantee peace of mind for the parents. Rest assured, eSchoolme will help the school to provide the best possible service.

WHY eSchoolme?

eSchoolme is a unique and comprehensive cloud-based School Management Software package designed to effectively manage your school at every level.

The web based tailor made solution will reduce costs while managing every aspect of the school. With our new features and updates, you will have one of the robust web based solutions specifically made for your school.

The software will manage every requirement from Student Registration to Transfer Certificates and Ministry Reports, of a single school or multiple schools.

eSchoolme streamlines the school’s management and administrative process, by providing state of the art modules for daily school activities at the touch of a button.

The application can be hosted by CRESCOtec_ servers as well, which ensure the highest level of availability and security features with seamless updates throughout the subscription. The school can also host the application in their private hosting servers.



Event Management
Portal Management
Staff Management


Lesson Plan
Report Card
Student Performance


School Events
Students Health
Students Performance
Student Attendance
Student Disciplinary Incidents


Medical History
Health Education
Vital Stats


Media Acquisitions
Bar Codes
Lending Management
Stock Revision


Staff/Student Transport
Vehicle Monitoring


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CRESCOtec_ started as an IT support company for CRESCO Holding. The company was responsible to provide software solutions to the different teams and companies within CRESCO Holding.

The COTS software package addresses the needs of real estate companies, schools and accounting departments were programmed with the specific needs of GCC based end-users in mind. The solutions are scalable and help you grow your business without having to worry about data management.


premisesme is an intergrated software solution which caters to all your real estate management and accounting needs in an user friendly manner.

accountsme is a powerful yet easy to use accounting software that facilitates the accounting according to GCC requirements and that allows a high level of customization to foster for client specific requirements.

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